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About Us

Quinte Legion Lynx Track and Field Club (QLLTFC) has been a registered not-for-profit business in the local area since 2002. Our Executive, Board of Directors and all of our coaches are volunteers who donate their time because of their love of the sport and to provide local youth opportunities. The QLLTFC is a small organization that train and compete from January until December at both indoor and outdoor meets some of which are at the National Level.



 To promote competitive Athletics, as a sport, through excellence in athletic performance and developmental program offerings. 



 The aims and objectives of the QLLTFC are: 

  1. to foster and develop recreational and competitive Athletics as an activity of choice for members of the QUINTE REGION community to express and develop their talents and abilities, resulting in personal enrichment; 

  2. to promote Athletics as a means of healthy exercise, to contribute to the physical fitness of our community; 

  3. to promote the development of good citizenship and good sportsmanship and leadership through participation in amateur competitive Athletics; 

  4. to develop competitors for local, Provincial, National and, ultimately, International competition; 

  5. to develop volunteer officials to permit self-sufficient operation of TRACK AND FIELD Meets; 

  6. to provide an affordable and cost- effective Athletics program for the Quinte Region; and 

  7. to support the Royal Canadian Legion Track and Field program. 

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